Main technical parameters of the hottest scc3000we

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Main technical parameters of scc3000we crawler crane

1 Safe control system: the two operation modes of work and installation are convenient and reliable; Equipped with real-time display of the stability and levelness of the whole machine, departure stop action, emergency electrical control, lightning protection, automatic direction adjustment of walking, closed-circuit monitoring and other functions, safety and monitoring devices are complete

2. Excellent operation performance: load sensing, limit load regulation and electro-hydraulic proportional micro speed control make each action micro motion excellent and the operation more stable

3. Reliable function guarantee: all key components are of international famous brands; The safety margin of structure and mechanism design is sufficient; The control system can operate stably in the harsh environment of high cold, high temperature, plateau and strong wind and sand

4. Convenient maintenance technology: the approach time of parts to be adjusted and the approach time of daily maintenance parts are short; And equipped with GPS remote monitoring system to facilitate users to maintain and manage the equipment

5. Multifunctional hoisting equipment for wind power: especially suitable for the installation of wind turbine generator units of 1.5MW and below; The fixed short jib is the best angle and radius for the hoisting scheme of large fan

6 in 2018, the fixed assets of the paper industry increased by 5.1% year-on-year Strong lifting capacity: the longest boom combination of fixed short jib: 86m+7m, and the maximum seating height can reach 90m; Hoist the fan room with a dead weight of 60t, and the positioning height can reach 90m

7. Full boom walking and climbing function: the full boom walks for medium and long distances without load, and the transfer station can be disassembled without disassembly, and the full boom climbing can reach 30%

8. Innovative mobile counterweight: with the world's first patented technology, the stability of the whole machine can be guaranteed to be in the best state at any time, and the stability control system of the whole machine can ensure the safe and reliable operation of the crane; UPVC pipe fittings for water supply GB 10002.2 (8)

9 Advanced stability control of the whole machine: it supports the self loading and unloading function of the crawler frame and the self pulling function of the whole vehicle, which is convenient for rapid disassembly and assembly

10. Telescopic crawler frame: the chassis width can be shifted at three different positions: 7.8m, 6.2m and 4.8m. The price of raw materials, especially the sharp rise of cobalt price, can be flexibly selected by customers according to the road conditions, and can also effectively reduce the road construction cost

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