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Ytqu160 crawler crane main technical parameters


American Cummins qsl9 electronic control engine, 209kw/2000rp, m at k2016 exhibition, 400L fuel tank. The engine and torque limiter are designed with CAN bus. Air conditioning is standard

hydraulic system:

the hydraulic components are products of Kawasaki, Japan. The main pump system has a micro speed function, the rotation system has a fast and slow speed function, and the walking adopts a Japanese Mitsui Sanchi double speed reducer motor, which can ensure both strong single rope tension and high operation speed

operation device:

the maximum lifting weight is 160t, the basic arm is 18m, the length of the upper and lower section arms is 9m, the longest main arm is 81m, the basic arm of the auxiliary arm is 13m, the length of the upper and lower section arms is 5m, the longest auxiliary arm is 31m, the maximum combination of the main arm and the auxiliary arm is 69m+31m, the main arm can walk with load, the half diameter of the operation is 5m-60m, the weight of the whole machine is 150t, the signal-to-noise ratio of the maximum acceleration, the total root mean square value of the acceleration inside and outside the belt are 850t compared with the heavy torque m。

rated single rope tension 12.5t (first layer 20t), pulley magnification 16, tail radius 5.8m, track center width 5650mm/wheel spacing 7200mm, climbing slope 30%

get on the car:

How can it also violate the price turntable double-layer bottom plate double-sided plate structure and box girder structure of the foam granulator? The structure is simple, the torsion resistance is strong, and the number of parts is reduced. The engine is arranged on the left walking platform, the right walking platform has a semi open inorganic cover structure, and the walking platform and the main turntable are of an integral welded structure; The double rotary mechanism is arranged in front of the turntable in parallel, and the hanging counterweight connection structure; The connection between the luffing of the main and auxiliary winch and the turntable adopts the bolt structure of welding padeye on the turntable, which is convenient for assembly and maintenance; The folding A-frame, which is lifted and lowered by the oil cylinder, reduces the number of parts and manual adjustment, which can meet the whole experiment time of different materials

the cab is 945mm wide, with silicone oil shock absorber, omni-directional adjustable seats, barrier free front and wide vision. The floor is equipped with a mechanical level. There are steel pipe handles and guardrails outside the door, which are safe

the main and auxiliary lifting and luffing are built-in reducers with wet maintenance free brakes, which are connected by hanging plates, easy to disassemble and assemble, and equipped with automatic pawl locking devices, which improves the safety of operation. The main and auxiliary hoists are the same and can be interchanged. Driven by variable motor, it can not only have large lifting force, but also increase the maximum lifting speed. The diameter is 26 non rotating steel rope. The maximum single rope tension of the first layer is 20t, the maximum lifting speed is 110m/mim, and the luffing is an integral double drum mechanism. The steel rope diameter is 20, the single rope tension of the first layer is 2x17t, and the maximum luffing speed is 2x24m/MIM

get off:

x-type welded box base structure, the base and the crawler frame are connected by power pins, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly; The hydraulic pipeline of the lower carriage is equipped with quick change joints to facilitate the disassembly and assembly of the pipeline during transportation. The walking reducer is built-in to enhance the trafficability of the whole machine. The outrigger oil cylinder can be rotated and folded back, so that the support distance can be increased when the oil cylinder is working to provide its stability. When the oil cylinder is not working, it can be folded back to reduce the transportation size and facilitate the hoisting operation

control system:

hydraulic pilot proportional control; Each joystick and foot valve have automatic reset function; The engine adopts two control modes of hand throttle and foot throttle, which is more convenient for the adjustment of engine speed. The outrigger and pin cylinder are manually operated, which increases the safety of chaizhuang city

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