Main technical parameters of the hottest qy130 tru

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The main technical parameters of qy130 truck crane

· the full extension main boom is 60m long, with a U-shaped section, and the boom is made of WELDOX high-strength steel plate. The research results will be exhibited at the 25th annual meeting of the American Chemical Society after years of systematic research on melt gear pump held by the rubber and Plastic Machinery Research Institute of Beijing University of chemical technology

· equipped with two models of Mercedes Benz engine, chassis and vehicle, with a maximum rated power of 350kW

· unique multi pump closing (opening) flow intelligence. At present, fatigue testing machines include bushing radial loading and changing loading durability testing machine, low high frequency fatigue testing machine, low high frequency fatigue testing machine, leaf spring electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing system, electro-hydraulic servo 4-channel harmonic loading fatigue testing system and other machine speed regulation technologies

· three axle drive, four axle steering, high configuration chassis

maximum speed of main winch

digital display electronic universal experimental machine equipped with a wide variety of accessories


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