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O'Sullivan's playing state is like precision instruments, and his opponent's state will is broken

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in last year's Shanghai Masters, O'Sullivan gave the champion trophy to trump, who was defeated by himself. This year, he defeated Hawkins 11-9 to defend the title successfully, and he successively gave the trophy to a half aged child who is not familiar with 2 and often uses flame retardants to analyze the advantages and disadvantages

O'Sullivan said, "for myself, I have won many trophies, and the trophy is not very significant to me. For that child, the trophy may be more significant. She can take the trophy back and put it in her bedroom, so that she can always remember that he once watched a snooker game." He even said that even if he won the world championship again, he would give the trophy to the little fans

you can say that he speaks freely or behaves perversely, but you can't deny that O'Sullivan, who picks up the club in front of snooker begging table, is a precise instrument. He can dispose of his trophy off the court at will, but on the court, he is always so difficult to deal with. For his opponents, any opportunity was easily seized, and any mistake would be severely punished by him, just like Hawkins, who won first and lost later in the finals, and almost defeated his state and will in the second half

in the first half of the 10 innings, Hawkins led Ding Junhui in the semi-finals, breaking 100 with two beautiful shots, and achieved a 6-4 lead with several high scores, which seemed to be likely to break the long-term dilemma of being overwhelmed by the war teachers. But in fact, O'Sullivan didn't want to spend too much time on defense, and he had no scruples about the long-range attack. Hawkins often benefited from this, and seized O'Sullivan's mistakes of random attack to accumulate advantages bit by bit

however, the advantage of only two games was instantly lost in the late game. At the beginning of the second half, it took fire teacher only 50 minutes to play four games in a row, during which time, Hawkins only got a poor 4 points. After the opening of the evening, O'Sullivan won six of the seven games and quickly won the match point 10-7. However, at this time, he is still not conservative, as if victory is in hand, not hesitate to break up the ball, waiting for his opponent to make mistakes. Hawkins, who had almost lost his fighting spirit before, pulled back two sets, but O'Sullivan hit 122 points in a single shot in the 20th set, ending the battle with his career 95th print experimental data and an average of 3 shots

so far, O'Sullivan has won the Shanghai Masters Championship for the third time, and has become the first player to defend the championship successfully in the 12 years since the event was founded. His number of Championships in China has also reached 5. The 200000 pound bonus in Shanghai alone is enough to make teacher Huo start from scratch and rank first in the single season bonus. A week later, the Chinese Championship will be held in Guangzhou. As a pillar and system with a champion bonus of 150000 pounds, it is not easy to rank. Unfortunately, O'Sullivan did not sign up

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