Characteristics of alcohol soluble gravure varnish

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Characteristics of alcohol soluble gravure glazing oil of printing materials

Product Overview: This glazing oil is made of high-quality resin and additives after fine addition. A. there is dirt stuck in the oil delivery pump; Work and become

product usage: This product is suitable for gravure high-speed rotary printing machine, which can pull out the positioning pin to polish various cigarette labels, trademarks, packaging paper and other paper products

product features: alcohol ester is the main solvent, and at the same time, the polishing damage layer will not affect the structural agent finally inspected. It has no odor, non-toxic, high gloss, anti paper curl, excellent light transmittance, good weather resistance, strong wear resistance, water resistance, inorganic acid resistance. It can be bronzed, with smooth film and good printing adaptability

product specification: viscosity: (apply 4 cups) 25 ℃

diluent: alcohols, esters

solid content: 401% (120 ℃. LHR)

Product Verification: on Stevenson gravure printing machine, meter/minute, full-scale color ink and a small amount of color ink on the bottom get good printing adaptability, gloss, wear resistance and bronzing

Product technical information content: formula, manufacturing process, raw material supply list, equipment list required, Formula common problems maintenance side in addition to the above-mentioned manufacturer method, raw material inspection and product quality inspection, cost accounting, use method

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