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Oaks juicer, sand ice machine, commercial wall breaking cooking, tea extracting, ice sand machine, hx

hot selling recommendation of oaks household appliances: oaks juicer, sand ice machine, commercial wall breaking cooking, tea extracting, ice sand machine, ice crushing, household ice planer, milk tea shop, how about the specific performance? Please refer to the following configuration characteristics, and get the details of friends' evaluation

I. configuration features of oaks juice extractor sand ice machine

advantages: it is easy to operate, and the mixing is very fine. It is a very good choice for household use. You can hit a lot of things. You are ready to make some ice sand ice another day. Personally, I particularly like to drink freshly ground soymilk. There are many places outside that sell soymilk that are filtered, and then hit it thinly. It is basically water, and the taste is very weak, so I rarely drink soymilk outside, This kind of self beating at home, I can drink with the dregs, the dregs are fine, and the beans I put are also more thick. Now that I am pregnant, I drink a cup of soybean milk every morning, which is nutritious and healthy

the guide wheel between the working platform of the pressure testing machine and the 1 side column will also produce friction

disadvantages: the machine sound is too loud

3 Composite polyurethane adhesive uses tmall's sales quotation, and the bending test quotation of plexiglass material is as follows:

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II. Buy and use the oaks juicer. The comments of sand ice machine friends are as follows:

1. The wall breaking machine is good, and the sound is a little but not too loud, which is acceptable! I measured it with software, and it was 80 ~ 100 dB. High decibel speed is high. I'm the most afraid of noise, and I can accept it

2. It's relatively large. It's a commercial type. It hasn't been used yet. It feels good. The store delivers goods quickly, and the express delivery is very awesome. It's highly praised

3 light collector, invisibility cloak, etc. I like it very much. I can make many kinds of juice. I have always disliked eating nutritious carrots and tomatoes. Now it can be done in one minute. What is particularly praiseworthy is that the after-sales service is particularly good. Due to my improper operation and use, it causes damage. The after-sales service is handled free of charge at the first time. The only thing is that the sound is slightly loud, which is acceptable. I will introduce friends and colleagues to buy it in the future. It's great

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