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NYMEX sour crude oil futures did not close on the first day of listing

the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) launched the Gulf Coast sour crude oil futures contract on Monday, aiming to benefit from Saudi Arabia's sudden change in the price benchmark of crude oil sold to the United States, adding color to the need for metallographic laboratories!, But there was no deal on that day. In addition to turning to the terminal market,

analysts said that it will take some time for any newly launched contract to gain a firm foothold. Before speculators patronize, it is likely that some spot traders will show interest in it

the delivery targets of the new sour crude oil futures contract are Mars crude oil produced in the United States and two kinds of sour crude oil delivered at the Louisiana offshore oil port in clovley, Louisiana: Basra light crude oil and Russian Haier New Material flame retardant series materials, which are constantly updated and iterated ural crude oil according to the needs of users. The Gulf of Mexico sour crude oil futures contract is the same as the WTI crude oil futures contract

as the first sour crude oil futures contract in the Gulf of Mexico, the sour crude oil futures contract expiring in February 2010 was settled at $75.20 per barrel on Monday

Saudi Aramco said in October this year that it would abandon WTI as the pricing benchmark in January next year and use the Argus sour crude oil index compiled by Argus energy consulting company to price the oil sold to American customers

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