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Office automation (OA) fingerprint identity authentication solution

in the network era, the management focus of enterprises has gradually shifted from logistics and capital flow to information flow. Information flow is more reflected in electronic documents. Its interactive performance effectively improves the efficiency of office, and "office" is actually through the collection, organization, sharing of information between people, people and departments, departments The process of coordinating behaviors such as communication to achieve the overall goal of the unit. Therefore, the realization of office automation is the direct means to control and manage the information flow. Office automation can help us to scientifically and reasonably control the information flow and improve office efficiency. Therefore, OA is the basis of management information system (MIS). In a word, OA plays an important role in enterprise informatization and e-government, and it has become the core of application system. Therefore, safe OA has been paid more and more attention

scheme background

in order to ensure that only authorized persons and authorized users can access and exchange clean data, many companies have deployed firewalls, intrusion detection schemes and anti-virus software. However, the survey shows that only 20% of the data destruction is caused by outsiders. This means that even if we make full use of the existing technology, only one fifth of the security problems can be solved. These solutions cannot eliminate the security risks from internally authorized users. The 80/20 rule has been popular in network security. Another data also illustrates the same problem. The survey report of 533 IT managers shows that the coefficient of unauthorized use of computer systems in the company increased from 42% in 1996 to 49% in 1997, and the resulting losses exceeded US $100 million

as OA, how to make it safe when the office automation system is pushed into the next clamping device? At present, in OA, there are mainly fake identities and illegal operations; Non access control. The reason for the formation is that most of the current OA uses the traditional "user name + password" in terms of authority and access control, which is easy to forget, steal, replace, crack and so on. In OA, the identification of identity is particularly important, just like a locked door. Once it is opened, everything is completely in the eyes

in view of the problems existing in OA, we have introduced biometric technology to effectively ensure the identity security in the OA system. Among the many biometric technologies used for authentication, fingerprint identification technology is the most convenient, reliable, non-invasive and cheap solution at present, and has great potential for the application in the broad market. Fingerprint recognition has a long history as an identification technology. According to the view of ordinary people, fingerprint recognition technology can be very detailed by analyzing the global and local features of fingerprints, such as ridges, valleys and endpoints, bifurcation points or bifurcation points. The eigenvalues extracted from fingerprints can be very detailed, so as to reliably confirm a person's identity through fingerprints. On average, each fingerprint has several unique and measurable feature points, each of which has about seven features. Our ten fingers produce at least 4900 independently measurable features - which is enough to confirm whether fingerprint recognition is a more reliable identification method

fingerprints are unique features of human body, and their complexity is enough to provide sufficient features for identification; If we want to increase reliability, we just need to register more fingerprints and identify more fingers, up to ten at most, and each fingerprint is unique; The speed of scanning fingerprints is very fast, and it is very convenient to use; When reading fingerprints, users must push their hands away to work effectively. The most reliable way to read human biometrics is to contact the finger with the fingerprint collection head directly. This is also a major reason why fingerprint recognition technology can occupy most of the market

the uniqueness (fingerprints of different fingers are different) and invariance (fingerprints of the same finger remain unchanged for life) of fingerprints have been recognized. Fingerprints can be used as the basis for legal identification, combined with the embedding of information systems, effectively eliminate system vulnerabilities caused by human factors, and ensure the security of authority and access control in OA systems. On the other hand, it also avoids the inconvenience caused by the easy forgetting of passwords and the frequent replacement of passwords, which fully embodies the characteristics of openness, security, uniqueness and so on

scheme description

at present, aiming at the identity security problems in the use of OA office automation system in government enterprises, Eliot provides a new generation of network identity recognition security solution with fingerprint recognition technology as the core biometric technology - [TrustLink fingerprint identity authentication platform], which overcomes the insecurity and operational complexity of the original traditional identification technology, It greatly improves the security prevention ability and actual work efficiency of OA system

1. Advanced fingerprint identification technology

the original OA system of government enterprises mostly adopts the method of "user password + password" or uses a separate "IC card" and other identity authentication methods. For the "user password + password" method, the premise to ensure the security of this login method is to generate high-quality passwords, otherwise they are easy to be decoded, and high-quality passwords are often meaningless strings, which brings difficulties to the memory and storage of passwords; Using the IC card login method, the IC card must be carried with you. At present, there is no complete recycling system in China, which also brings inconvenience to users. Users often worry that the IC card is lost, stolen or forged. This is inconvenient for users to use these two methods. TrustLink uses the only fingerprint of the human body as the system identification, which greatly facilitates users' use of the system. It is not only safe and reliable, but also simple and easy to operate

trustlink also adopts the encrypted transmission mode of fingerprint signature files in technology, ensuring the reliability of fingerprint collection and transmission. The application of dual protection mechanism can ensure the timely and safe transmission of fingerprint characteristic data between networks. TrustLink also stores all fingerprint data stored in the database in the form of comparison files, rather than storing the characteristic files of the fingerprint itself. Even if the internal system personnel of the customer steal the fingerprint data in the database, they can't use this data for fingerprint authentication, which ensures the security of the user's identity "internal and external consistency". Therefore, TrustLink not only reduces the inconvenience of users in the use and operation of the OA system of government enterprises, but also improves the overall security of the system

oa users will log in to the system very quickly for business operations, and will not be troubled by the hidden dangers of identity security. TrustLink has brought more effective security to the OA system of government enterprises. The appearance in contact with the sample is guaranteed by sticky soft rubber

2. Perfect security architecture

trustlink adopts corresponding security measures in the whole process of identity authentication to ensure the absolute security of OA users' fingerprint information

1) TrustLink fingerprint identification system adopts multiple protection and encryption measures in the process of fingerprint collection and transmission to ensure that users' fingerprint information will not be stolen or embezzled by hackers

· fingerprint anti-theft function, the same fingerprint cannot be authenticated twice

· transmission encryption mechanism

· time stamp security mechanism

· non signature file transmission mechanism

2) compared with the storage link of traditional authentication methods, TrustLink gives a lot of security mechanism improvements, and users will not worry about their identity information being stolen and falsely used by insiders with super permissions

· multiple protection encryption mechanism

· database audit mechanism

· lock storage mechanism

3. Leading component-based design

trustlink products tend to be designed as components, providing full-function components, which facilitates users to complete seamless integration with existing systems in the shortest time, and can effectively reduce system development costs and time. At the same time, there is no need to consider the issue of future upgrading and maintenance

at the same time, TrustLink itself is also highly open and integrated:

· supports multiple development languages VC, VB Net, Pb, ASP, Delphi, notes, Java, etc.

· support c/s and b/s network architecture. In the process of product application and integration of all TrustLink, users can simply paste the integration example code in any language provided, that is, complete the integration action of powerful fingerprint recognition function without changing any important resources of the user's existing system, greatly reducing the development burden of users and reducing the user cost to the lowest. (end)

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