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President Obama and Vice President Biden visited techmer PM, a plastic composite manufacturer in Clinton, Tennessee, on January 9. During this period, we talked about polymer composites and 3D printing

this inspection is part of the new U.S. government established advanced composite production innovation Institute in Tennessee, which aims to promote the development of lightweight composites for clean energy products, including energy-saving vehicles and electric vehicles, wind turbines, and hydrogen and natural gas storage tanks

while the load reading pointer stays still for reading, Obama and Biden are interested in viewing the 3D printed carbon fiber Shelby Cobra for color image applications. Obama said on the official blog of the White House: "the reason why we are here is that where Americans have taken major measures to expand the American middle class, develop their economy and provide opportunities for everyone, I hope to come personally to help and find out how we can better promote it."

he said that manufacturing has always been the basic element of building the American middle class

"Join the manufacturing industry, produce products made in the United States that you are proud of, and then export them to all parts of the world. In return, you will get rich salary returns and good profits. This not only involves product manufacturing and business success, but also reflects the values that the United States has always adhered to.

Obama is the first president of the United States to personally attend and exert influence to help the U.S. manufacturing industry revitalize from the great depression.

he "The manufacturing industry is actually in a golden period of job creation since the 1990s. About 786000 new jobs have been created in the manufacturing industry in the past 58 months. The growth rate of the manufacturing industry is actually faster than that of other industries in the U.S. economy," he said

at the composite material center, Obama said: "we will open such centers nationwide. 5. The concept of regular protection and maintenance of instruments is very simple: we should unite enterprises, research universities, community universities, state, local and federal governments to find out where the manufacturing industry is facing important opportunities in the future, how to avoid troughs, and how to ensure that everyone works closely together."

"therefore, We are expected to bring cutting-edge research and design to the market faster, and enterprises will be more closely involved in the process of clarifying how to apply new materials to truly promote economic development and even spawn new industries. "

"so the research scope of such centers will include everything from 3D printing to flexible computer chips that may be embedded in shirt fabrics."

if this composite material project is successful, it is expected to produce advanced light-weight composite materials, which can improve the efficiency and cost of material production in the world's largest production base of high-purity aluminum and high-purity alloys. It is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales benefits of high-performance new materials (mainly modified plastics and carbon fiber composites), and perhaps carbon fiber reinforced polymers with more convenient regeneration

Obama said, "we have the most dynamic economy in the world, the best businessmen in the world and the world's top universities. Let's bring them together to ensure that more good jobs and opportunities are created."

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