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Obert technology and afscm push NFC services in France through the three major mobile operators. Obert Technology (OT), the world's leading provider of embedded security software products and services, announced today that the company has entered into a partnership with the French mobile contactless Association (afscm), which will be led by the three major mobile operators bouygu, ES Telecom Orange and SFR launched near field communication (NFC) services in France

11.5 million users in France use NFC compatible devices (as of June 2016), an increase of 47.1% over last year. In this market environment, afscm and the three major French mobile operators decided to establish a public center to launch NFC services on a large scale in France. Obert technology is the only provider responsible for deploying and managing the center

nowadays, intelligence has become an indispensable part of people's daily life. With this new plan, end users in France will benefit from the secure digital cards deployed in their smartphones. With the digitalization of local and even national transportation booking and subscription services in intelligence, or the easy payment in front of contactless terminals through intelligence, these intelligences will become an integrated means of transportation. Many other services can use NFC technology, such as enterprise or event access control, urban services (parking lots, libraries, swimming pools, etc.) and digital keys. These digital cards will be stored in a highly secure NFC SIM card

all these NFC services will be provided through a single interface deployed and managed by Obert technology. The multi tenant architecture of Obert technology solutions will enable service providers among the three major mobile operators to make full use of resources and connections. In addition, it can quickly guide new mobile network operators (MnO) or mobile virtual network operators (MVNO)

Pierre barial, managing director of mobile network operator business of Obert technology, said: Obert technology is very happy to be selected by afscm, Bouygues Telecom, orange and SFR, because this is a great affirmation of Obert technology's expertise in NFC, and also a great opportunity for Obert technology to join this new project led by afscm, which is the world's first NFC ecosystem program. Afscm has adopted an extremely pragmatic solution to simplify the ecosystem, that is, a consistent single architecture that can be shared by all MNOS, so as to shorten the time to market of NFC services

thibau3.2.1 the shape of the brick is a right angled hexahedron, lt de dreuille, general manager of afscm, said: afscm and the three major French mobile operators have decided to choose Obert technology, because they not only provide new solutions equipped with modern means, but also have excellent performance in cooperation with mobile operators and original equipment manufacturers. With Obert technology, we will be able to quickly launch various intelligent NFC services in France, thus opening the door to expand non-contact technology to new devices and services

about Obert technology

Obert technology is a global leader in embedded digital security, which can protect you when you connect, verify or pay. Obert technology takes the high growth market as its strategic positioning, and provides embedded security software solutions suitable for terminal equipment and related remote management solutions to a large international customer portfolio. Large projects such as the East power transmission project of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology and the North South power transmission project have adopted high-strength superconducting cables, including banks and financial institutions, mobile operators, official institutions and governments, as well as connection objects and equipment manufacturers. Obert technology can make a reference and basis for where this material is used. There are more than 6500 employees worldwide, including nearly 700 R & D personnel. With 4 regional safety manufacturing centers and 39 safety service centers all over the world, Obert's international network serves customers in 169 countries

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