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Characteristics of computer-aided design technology of casting process

1 casting process CAD

in the process of casting process design, there are many tedious mathematical calculations and a large number of table lookup and selection. Relying only on the personal experience and manual operation of process designers, it not only takes a lot of time, but also the design results often vary from person to person, making it difficult to ensure the quality of castings. Since the 1960s, especially after the 1980s, With the rapid development of computer technology, computer-aided design technology has been more and more widely used in industry. It also provides a good tool for the scientific and accurate design of casting process, and has become one of the important contents of the development of casting technology and production

the typical working process of casting process CAD system is:

1) receive the casting drawings sent by users, and when receiving them in the form of engineering drawings, you can carry out three-dimensional modeling by yourself

Relying on the overall layout of Shandong new and old kinetic energy conversion comprehensive experimental area

2) process analysis and quotation

observe the structure of any part of the casting from any angle or according to the needs, calculate the weight of the casting and the modulus of different parts according to the three-dimensional entity, calculate the process data such as pouring out and safety opening, carry out the preliminary design of the casting, estimate the cost and make an offer

3) carry out the detailed design of castings

extract the data from the established three-dimensional entity of the casting for three-dimensional solidification simulation and modify the casting design of all industries, which has entered a relatively healthy development stage, and then automatically generate the corresponding mold, core box or mold drawing

4) the casting mold, core box and mold are formed by numerical control processing, cast and inspected, and the data in production are collected for quality tracking and knowing the future casting design

it can automatically print experimental reports. At present, the software function of casting process CAD is generally single, which is divided into relatively independent systems such as casting design, solidification simulation and pattern processing

2 characteristics of casting process CAD

first input the part drawing into the computer through the digitizer or other graphic input equipment, then mark the pouring position and the position of the parting surface according to the requirements, further draw the machining allowance and the symbols of non cast holes and grooves, as well as the mold pulling inclination, and mark the size to form the casting drawing; On this basis, the modulus and weight of castings are calculated, and the feeding system and gating system are designed; The results of design calculation are added to the casting drawing in a graphic way, and then the shape of sand core is drawn, and the core head gap, core head compression ring, anti pressure ring, sand deposition groove and core head block line and size are calculated, so as to form a complete process diagram; Finally, the casting process card is drawn. The graphics are output by the plotter, which completely replaces the cumbersome processes such as manual drawing of process drawings, tracing and printing, and it is convenient to modify and archive, which greatly improves the design efficiency

compared with the traditional casting process design method, using computer to design the casting process has the following characteristics:

1) the calculation is accurate and rapid, and the artificial calculation error is eliminated

2) several different schemes can be designed and compared at the same time, so as to find a better scheme

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