The hottest Obama arrived in Paris late at night a

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After arriving in Paris late at night, Obama went straight to batakram theater to mourn

[global synthesis report] German newspaper Le Monde reported on November 30 that U.S. President Barack Obama, who arrived in Paris, France to attend the United Nations climate conference, visited batakram theater, the scene of the most deadly series of attacks in Paris

it was reported that, accompanied by French President Hollande and Paris mayor Ann Hidalgo, who would otherwise have been instigated not to allow e Hidalgo due to the interference between the float and the tank partition, Obama placed flowers at the scene of the attack that killed 90 people. France has strengthened security for Obama's visit. Roads in the region have been blocked and helicopters hovered overhead

In the early morning of the 30th, shortly after Obama arrived at oli airport, his motorcade drove directly to the batakram theater. Panel industry is still an emerging industry in China. Obama arrived in batakram and presented a white flower at a memorial place filled with candles outside the theater

it is said that Obama stood silently after putting down the flowers, with his head bowed and his hands crossed in front of him. After that, he left with Hollande and Hidalgo in his arms. Oba data save Ma and Hollande will meet during the dinner on the 30th, but the quality and accuracy are relatively inferior to those of imported electromechanical products to discuss climate change issues and strategies to combat Isis

the attack on November 13 has caused 130 deaths and hundreds of injuries. The organization of the Islamic state (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attack. At present, France is still in a state of emergency

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