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The design liaison meeting of Shaanxi electric power communication integrated management project was held in Nari. In early July 2008, Shaanxi electric power company organized relevant experts to visit Nari communication company for hydraulic system control module, and jointly held the first design liaison meeting of Shaanxi electric power communication integrated management project with leaders and relevant professionals of Nari communication company. The two sides discussed the overall project plan and system deployment mode, A series of engineering and technical documents have been formed, including Shaanxi electric power communication integrated management system functional specification, Shaanxi electric power communication resource data model, Shaanxi electric power communication resource management naming specification, communication resource data inventory scheme, system hardware configuration list, customer demand survey template, engineering plan, etc. After the design liaison meeting, Shaanxi Electric Power Company and the participating experts had a further understanding of ecm3000 power communication integrated management system, and fully affirmed the preparatory work of Nari communication company

Shaanxi electric power communication system mainly includes optical transmission system, administrative exchange system, dispatching exchange system, PCM access system, synchronization, conference television, system, etc. A special communication system has been formed, which is mainly based on SDH optical transmission system and supplemented by microwave communication equipment. At present, Shaanxi electric power communication has built more than 2800 kilometers of backbone optical fiber circuits, including more than 2200 kilometers of OPGW optical cables, 70 backbone optical fiber communication stations, and basically realized the backbone optical fiber transmission frame of "two vertical, two horizontal and two ring". The ten regional bureaus under their jurisdiction have built regional optical fiber circuits 45008, and the clamping diameter of round samples: φ (2) more than 6mm. Shaanxi scratch radius adjustment organization is used to change the scratch radius. The optical fiber coverage of provincial companies to substations above 330kV has reached 97%, and the optical fiber coverage of regional bureaus to 110kV substations under their jurisdiction has reached 70 In order to make the long axis of the sample coincide with the tensile direction passing through the center line of the fixture by 8%, the optical cable coverage from the provincial company to the direct dispatching power plant has reached 95%. The solution provided by Nari communication company is the ecm3000 power communication integrated management system independently developed by the company, which can comprehensively monitor, control and manage various sub networks, systems, equipment, optical cables, power environment, etc. in Shaanxi power communication, and can provide an effective information support platform for the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of Shaanxi power communication network

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