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Shaanxi has begun to lay out the IOT industry.

Shaanxi has begun to plan the IOT industry

on August 24, led by Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology, Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Shaanxi Provincial Department of science and technology, Shaanxi Department of transportation and other relevant functional departments, as well as China Mobile, China Unicom, Datang Telecom and other related enterprises, as well as universities and research institutes such as Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology, gathered in Xi'an high tech new area to plan the development plan of Shaanxi logistics

it is understood that as early as the beginning of this year, Zhang Feng, director of the communication development department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said in Shanghai that the Ministry of industry and information technology had incorporated the IOT plan into the special plan of the 12th Five Year Plan and was actively studying and promoting it. According to the Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology, Shaanxi has also begun to formulate the IOT development plan a few months ago. This meeting is expected to spark some sparks

what is IOT?

IOT is known as another information industry revolution, and its application scope covers almost all walks of life. At present, IOT has been officially listed as one of the key strategic emerging industries in China

the Internet of things (IOT) is a new IOT industry based on the detection and regulation means in the past production and operation and social public service fields, with the basic characteristics of advanced perception, reliable transmission, large-scale cloud computing information processing, and intelligent regulation. It is a revolutionary development of the application and extension of Internet technology. At present, it has been widely used in many fields, such as industrial automation, telemedicine, remote sensing survey, intelligent electricity, public security, oil exploitation, railway dispatching, finance, agriculture, water conservancy, military and so on. It is a highland of strategic new industries. Zhang Xiaoping, Professor of the school of computer science at Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology, explained the concept of IOT at the seminar

with the support of information technology, IOT is triggering a new round of lifestyle changes. Its industrial prospects are huge. Taking domestic RFAD (radio frequency a/d control information timing transmitter) in China as an example, it reached 8.5 billion yuan in 2009, ranking third in the world, second only to Britain and the United States

since Premier Wen Jiabao proposed to perceive China in August 2009, IOT has been officially listed as one of the country's five emerging strategic industries and written into the government work report. IOT has received great attention in China, which is unparalleled in the United States, the European Union and other countries

at present, a consistent view is that IOT will become another trillion yuan emerging industry in the global information communication industry to help users use the equipment more flexibly. By 2020, there will be 50billion terminals connected to IOT worldwide

just started

the market space is attractive, but there are also many problems. Zhang Feng pointed out that there are many bottlenecks in the development of IOT in China, which are shown as follows: the standard system needs to be broken through, and the construction of IOT standardization system needs to be accelerated; The large-scale application is still insufficient. At present, the domestic IOT application demand is still at a relatively low level; IOT still faces some security challenges; There are still some barriers to cross industry cooperation and resource sharing

it is understood that at present, China IOT is still in its infancy, with only a few special application projects scattered in fields independent of the core network, and most of them only rely on demonstration applications of scientific research projects. They adopt private agreements, which also shows the embarrassment that IOT has no perfect standard system. The lack of agreement standards restricts the development of the industry

in this regard, the Ministry of industry and information technology will increase research and development efforts on emerging technologies of sensing, IOT and other emerging networks this year, and will be driven by major special projects, technical standard system research and related major demonstration applications, so as to guide the industry to actively invest in IOT related work

Zhang Feng said that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, IOT should initially form a complete industrial chain from sensors, chips, software, terminals, complete machines, networks to business applications, and cultivate a number of internationally competitive IOT industry leaders; In terms of innovation ability, we should break through a number of core key technologies to achieve independent research and development and technological innovation; Form a large-scale application of IOT in key areas such as national economy and people's livelihood services; In terms of security, the level of security protection of integrated networks and important information should be improved, and key and key applications should be safe and controllable

connectivity of all things is no longer far away

under the attractive prospect of IOT industry, at present, all parts of the country have paid enough attention to IOT industry, and the construction of IOT industry projects across the country is in a blowout trend: Wuxi high tech Industrial Development Zone in Jiangsu has been officially approved as a demonstration base of IOT, and its logistics development outline has been issued. In addition, eight IOT industry projects with an investment of more than 6billion in Chengdu have been constructed, and Hubei Shanxi, Shandong, Zhejiang and other places are also scrambling for the development of IOT industry projects. Relevant parties in Shaanxi attach great importance to the development of IOT, and CAI Suchang, deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology, said that the foundation of Shaanxi is quite good

it is understood that Shaanxi has made a good breakthrough in the core technology that IOT does not require complex steps and requirements. At the fourth China private technology products Expo held in Xi'an last year, tangxin-1, the first domestic IOT core chip developed by Xi'an advantage microelectronics company, appeared at the Expo

in order to truly connect everything, IOT needs to install chips that can communicate and connect information to everything in the world. Therefore, the development speed and space of IOT largely depend on and depend on the development of IOT chip industry. The core chip with China's independent intellectual property rights is crucial to the healthy development of IOT and is an important factor determining the success or failure of the development of relevant enterprises in China

according to the industry, the advent of tangxin-1 has broken through the design, verification and testing technology bottleneck of China's RF circuits, analog-to-digital hybrid circuits, ultra-low power consumption and other integrated circuits, and is of great significance to the development and application of China's IOT industry, striving for independent intellectual property rights and occupying the International commanding heights of IOT

in May this year, Shaanxi IOT industry alliance was established with the support of Xi'an Science and Technology Bureau and Xi'an high tech Zone Management Committee. At the inaugural meeting, the member units of the alliance signed a framework agreement on strategic cooperation and co construction of Xi'an IOT engineering technology center and specific cooperation projects, which will use the Shaanxi alliance platform to carry out various cooperation and achieve win-win results for enterprises

A person in charge of the industrial alliance said that the IOT industrial alliance will combine the scientific and technological resources in Xi'an and jointly promote the promotion, transformation and application of the core technological achievements of IOT with enterprises, universities and institutes. In addition, the alliance will focus on the IOT technology innovation industrial chain, use the market mechanism, gather and coordinate various resources in the region, realize the effective combination of enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions at the strategic level, jointly break through the technical bottleneck of industrial development, and realize the industrialization of IOT application as soon as possible

Cai Suchang believes that there are three keys to the good development of IOT, namely, technological innovation, industrial informatization and market cultivation, all of which are indispensable. With the promotion of the government, the influence of the policy environment, and the promotion of market development, market demand, the development of IOT has a good foundation. Moreover, Xi'an's talent, scientific research and many high-tech enterprises determine that Xi'an has a unique advantage in developing the IOT industry

in fact, it was learned from the relevant person in charge of the meeting that the participating departments (units) of the meeting were divided into two parts, and only 2 π lines of discussion were added in phase, namely, the demonstration application group and the industrial development group. The demonstration application group is composed of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of communications, the Provincial Department of public security, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Shaanxi Mobile and other units; The industrial development group is composed of Provincial Academy of science and technology, Shaanxi electronic information group, Xi'an Datang Telecom Co., Ltd., 618 Aviation Institute, 20 Electronics Institute and other units

the demonstration application group mainly discusses the construction planning of key informatization application projects related to the IOT in key fields; The Industrial Development Group mainly discusses the development direction, key tasks and key project construction of the IOT related industries in Shaanxi Province

according to the Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology, the Department of industry and information technology has begun to solicit IOT industrial projects and some IOT park projects. The specific plan will be introduced this year

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