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Shaanxi Mobile's first practical practice of transferring control and separating cloud based bras in the world recently, China Mobile Communications Group Shaanxi Branch (hereinafter referred to as Shaanxi Mobile) joined hands with Huawei to jointly innovate and successfully complete the current pilot of the world's first transferring control and separating cloud based bras. This is a new practice and verification in the metropolitan area in combination with China Mobile's TiC (telecom integrated cloud) highly effective evolution architecture, and also for the subsequent scale deployment of China Mobile Weight: About 500kg main technical indicators: control and separation cloud bras accumulated valuable experience and ability

facing the explosive growth of data traffic and new business requirements, China Mobile is considering network transformation. In 2014, the carbon fiber composite market for aircraft was 454.9 billion yen (about 23.7 billion yuan), in order to improve network flexibility and efficiency. The cloudization of traditional bras devices can help operators realize the flexible deployment and rapid online business on demand, but the current x86 chip still has bottlenecks in forwarding performance, power consumption and cost, and the pure cloud bras scheme is not suitable for network functions with high forwarding performance requirements. In contrast, the transfer control separation cloud based bras scheme combines the advantages of high-performance forwarding of traditional networks and the flexible expansion of cloud based architecture, which is more suitable for the development direction of current networks

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in December 2016, it took the lead in passing the first phase test of China Mobile Research Institute transfer control separation cloud bras

in February 2017, it jointly issued a white paper on cloud bras technology based on transfer control separation architecture with China Mobile

in March 2017, it successfully passed the strict test of eantc, The industry's first bng (broadband off control device) million user launch

in April 2017, China Mobile jointly released the cloud based bras12. Multiple grating protection transfer and separation architecture

in June 2017, Shaanxi Mobile completed the world's first transfer and separation cloud based bras pilot

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