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Some new packaging paper you don't know

[China Packaging News] at present, in the packaging industry, paper with various materials and properties shows their magic power. How much do you know about these papers? Now let's take a brief look at some relatively new types of paper in the world

I. long term mold proof paper

a new type of packaging paper produced by a Japanese company that can prevent food from mildew and deterioration for a long time and does not damage food flavor. The paper is made by fusing a special monoglyceride with its compounds, dissolving it into water and ethanol as an effective component, then spraying or soaking it on the paper, and finally heating and drying it. It can be used to pack all kinds of food

II. Fruit preservation paper

in order to maintain the freshness of fruits, Singapore has developed and produced a kind of fresh-keeping packaging paper, which has antibacterial and bactericidal agents. Store apples with this paper, and after half a year, the fruit is still full. Another kind of fresh-keeping paper can keep citrus fresh for 3 months and litchi fresh for 30 days

III. environmental protection paper roll

a British company has successfully developed an environmental protection paper roll that can replace foamed plastics. There are many small cracks on it, which occupy a small space. When the paper roll is pulled open, it becomes a three-dimensional honeycomb, with an area of 10 times the original. It can play the role of buffer liner, suitable for filling and maintaining packaged goods. The paper roll is made of recycled fiber, which can be recycled and reused; When discarded, it can be biodegradable

IV. plmex special packaging paper for food

there is a brand-new plmex special packaging paper for food in the European and American markets. It is 100% pure pulp, free of fluorescent agents and chemicals harmful to human body, and has the characteristics of water-proof, oil-proof, viscosity resistant and heat-resistant (or resistant to the high temperature of 200 ℃ to 2, and the export unit price is increased by 50 ℃). It is easy to use, easy to clean, safe and hygienic, and meets the food hygiene standards of American PDA and German PGA. This kind of special paper for food can be recycled after washing with clean water and can be reused for 50 times. This kind of food paper can be rolled or pressed into various paper cup shapes. No matter it is used for steaming, baking or microwave heating, it will not deform and fade

v. artificial peel paper

a kind of recycled artificial peel paper is very popular after its introduction in foreign markets. This kind of artificial peel paper is made of special materials. It is completed together with the production of food on the automatic line of the factory. It is a tight transparent bag or transparent special-shaped ring. It is tough and elastic, which can extend the shelf life of food. When eating, just peel off the artificial peel paper

VI. paper cans

at present, the annual consumption of aluminum cans in China is 6billion to 7billion. Raw materials need to be imported in large quantities and are expensive. Coupled with environmental pollution and other factors, the state no longer approves the construction of new aluminum cans production lines. Whether to find a new packaging container to replace aluminum cans has become a concern of the industry. The effective collection of paper data, the birth of high-quality cans, has overcome the shortcomings of aluminum cans, and has broad prospects for development. It needs at least 17million yuan to build an aluminum can production line, while it only needs 2million yuan to build a paper can production line; The minimum batch of aluminum cans is 20million, and the economic batch of paper cans is more than 20000. Paper cans can be used for the packaging of paints, chemicals, food, drugs, etc., and also for the production of paper lunch boxes, paper cups, paper barrels and other products. Relevant experts predict that China's annual demand for cans will gradually reach 15billion, and its excellent characteristics will inject new vitality into China's packaging industry

VII. Propylene synthetic paper

Japanese experts have made a kind of synthetic paper using propylene in petroleum gas as raw material. This paper ground is strong, not easy to crack, smooth surface, no wrinkles, not afraid of moisture, and will not change color. Small size. This kind of paper is lighter than ordinary paper and is not easy to get dirty. It is a good material for printing, writing and food packaging

VIII. Foam paper

German PSP company has developed a new process for the production of foam paper, which adopts composite materials to replace steel to make plate springs, and the packaging materials produced by it can replace foam plastics. This kind of foam paper uses old book scrap paper and flour as raw materials. First, the recycled old books and newspapers are cut into pieces, and then ground into fibrous pulp. It is mixed with flour in the proportion of 2:1. The mixed paper pulp is injected into the extruder and pressed into cylindrical particles. During the extrusion process, the raw material becomes foam paper under the action of steam. Using this kind of foam paper particles as raw materials, various shapes of plastic packaging can be produced according to different needs. Foam paper can be formed at one time without chemical additives, and can be recycled and processed after use

IX. hard and light packaging paper

a Finnish company has successfully developed a kind of hard and light packaging paper. This kind of packaging paper is 10% - 20% lighter than ordinary paperboard. In addition to tasteless and organic survival characteristics, it also has heat resistance and the same printability as pure pulp board. It is especially suitable for packaging chocolate, ice cream, refrigerated food, etc., as well as various flavor packaging and manufacturing fast food boxes

X. self adhesive packaging paper

South Korea has made a kind of self-adhesive packaging paper. The outer layer is kraft paper, and the inner layer is a special foaming material. It has elasticity and excellent corrosion resistance, which can ensure that the surface of the package is not worn. Because of its stickiness, there is no need for rope and tape when packaging. The wrapping paper automatically loses its viscosity once it is opened, so it also has the function of preventing people from opening it

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