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Some new technologies in machining have been widely used

as far as the raw materials consumed in machining workpiece are concerned, today it has more important significance. And this significance does not involve how much material is consumed in the production and processing process. With the rising price of metal materials, many workpieces today are no longer turned with solid materials. On the contrary, more and more profiles (pipes) after cold rolling or cold extrusion are processed by multi axis processing machine tools and finally formed. This trend is related to the increasing use of high-performance metal materials and the current rising price of metal materials. For example, when the number of traditional turning parts exceeds 500000, when the machining allowance of the workpiece shape is large, more and more forging blanks are used in order to reduce the total amount of metal chips

in the past few years, some new technologies in the field of machining have been widely used, and some trends will also change. Eubama company is an expert in multi axis machining technology. It always believes that multi axis machining technology can provide the highest machining accuracy and production capacity. There is only one prerequisite to achieve these "highest": a large enough batch; Or there are enough parts to be processed. Because nowadays, no other cutting machine tool can have such high production efficiency as multi axis machining machine tool. There are 26 spindles processing in one production beat of a machine tool, which is what multi axis processing machine tools can do, and many people continue to try in experiments. When pipes are used for processing, the preparation cost of materials is significantly reduced, which not only reduces the cost of raw materials of parts, but also provides the prerequisite for unattended automatic production and processing

these characteristics are the differences between eubama's multi axis machining machine tool with a maximum diameter of 60mm and a length of 650mm and similar machine tools produced by other manufacturers. Figure 1 shows some parts produced by this machine tool. Before choosing to use a multi axis machining machine tool, you must first understand the basic prerequisites for using this machining scheme. Different from the traditional turn milling compound machine tool or machining center, the production beat of multi axis machining machine tool is not determined by the sum of the processing time of each step and process of the part. On the contrary, the production beat of multi axis machining machine tool depends on the processing step with the longest time in the part processing. According to the specific configuration scheme of multi axis machining machine tool, eubama company calls it rotary drum fixture. The fixture of multi axis machining machine tool can hold 13 parts to be machined at one time; In the multi axis machining machine tool they call turret rotary fixture, 16 parts can be clamped, and these parts can be processed in one work beat. This meets the requirements of gb/t1843 (2) 008 "plastic cantilever beam impact test method" and iso180, gb/t2611, jb/t8761 standards. In the process of mass production, the single piece man hour of each part is low, and almost no competitor can compete with it. From the perspective of economic calculation, it must be emphasized that compared with the flexible turn milling compound machining center, multi axis machining machine tools are economical and reasonable only when the number of similar parts of various specifications is greater than 50000 in each batch, and when the number of parts of a single variety is greater than 250000. Reasonable use of pipes, unattended work shifts, automatic feeding equipment, including automatic feeding of single workpiece, and other measures play an important role in improving the production capacity of multi axis machine tools

Figure 1 parts that can be processed on a multi axis machine tool

based on the geometric size and shape of the parts, compared with the automatic processing production line scheme according to the process sequence, the advantage of the multi axis processing scheme is to complete all the processing of the parts in one clamping. In addition to omitting the clamping time of parts between fixtures, the moving time of machining tools from one station to another is also greatly shortened, which plays an important role in improving efficiency and output

adopt a variety of cutting technologies

investigate and let the tensile testing machine continue to carry out tensile milling on standard tensile samples. Composite machining centers, machining centers and automatic machining production lines have certain comparability in the processing of conical workpieces. It is the most suitable and meaningful to use a lathe or multi axis automatic lathe when machining the workpiece with symmetrical revolving body. However, compared with this processing technology, multi axis processing machine tools can also fully show their advantages and strengths in cutting, complexity of workpiece shape, loading and unloading and process technology

Figure 2 S-6 series multi axis machining machine tools can complete the three-dimensional machining of complex workpieces

in one clamping, and are equipped with 12 horizontally fed and 3 vertically fed tools

in completing the whole machining of a symmetrical rotating body part and conical parts, there are a variety of multi axis machine tools with rotary drum type fixtures or vertical turret fixtures to choose from. According to the control system, processing unit and loading and unloading device configured for the selected machine tool, various diameters up to 60mm and length sizes up to 650m can be completed on a multi axis processing machine tool. About the application of belt tension machine, this paper introduces all the processing procedures of M workpiece. According to different programs of machine tool configuration, they are suitable for processing parts from small batch to large batch

increase, decrease and supplement the machine tool configuration at any time

in terms of the machine tool design scheme of eubama company, the multi axis machining machine tool is not a special machine tool. Like universal machine tools, it can ensure the production and processing of different types and batches through the adjustment of machine tools and the control system of processing units. The specific processing scheme of each part is based on the modular system integration, and the modules of the machine tool can be adjusted at any time according to the changes of production tasks

s-6 and S-8 multi axis machining machines developed and produced by eubama company are the only automatic machining machines that can process the full length of workpieces (see Figure 1). High speed forming turning or grooving unit (see Figure 2) can process very high surface quality, has strong cutting power, and can adopt strong turning. The advantage of this equipment is that the outer contour of the workpiece to be machined is exposed, and all the surfaces of the workpiece to be machined can be machined after clamping, so that all the cutting of the workpiece can be completed in one clamping. In this way, combined with the use of adjustment tools in the processing of pipe parts, the multi axis machining machine tool can achieve the highest production efficiency

there are at most 18 processing units

it is the common feature of the above two machine tools that all the processing procedures of the workpiece can be completed in one clamping (see Figure 3). What helps the machine realize this function is a complete set of three-dimensional machining tool units: 15 horizontal machining tool units and 3 vertical machining tool units. With the help of these tool units, S-6 multi axis machine tools can process workpieces with diameters up to 49mm and lengths up to 45mm. The S-6 multi axis machine tool is equipped with a CNC system and a movable tool unit support. It is a special solution for the "series" processing of similar parts. The S-8 multi axis machine tool mainly focuses on the processing of parts with a diameter of 18mm and a length of 150mm. Between the loading and unloading stations of the S-8 multi axis machining machine tool, the S-8 machine tool adopts mechanical beat control. The production efficiency of 96 beats per minute makes the S-8 multi axis machine tool the most efficient and fastest machine tool in this kind of machine tool. At the AMB international metal manufacturing and Processing Exhibition in 2008, eubama showed its new S-8 two in one solution: it can process a pair of matching parts at the same time. In this S-8 multi axis machine tool, a pair of different parts or two parts with the same structure and shape but different materials can be processed in one production beat

Figure 3. Different tool drive units can be used to complete the machining of grooves, threads or

knurling, and all machining processes of parts can be completed between two loading.

multi axis machine tool with 16 station turret fixture

in s-20 multi axis machine tool (see Figure 4), there are 16 clamping stations and 26 machining tool units. This is a multi axis turret fixture machine with strong performance. It can not only produce symmetrical rotating workpiece, but also produce conical workpiece with different shapes. Based on its solid machine tool structure, this s-20 multi axis machine tool can strongly cut workpieces with a diameter of 60mm and a length of 320mm. Its processing performance and workpiece fixture can be designed and manufactured according to the actual situation of the workpiece being processed. When determining the structure of machine tool fixtures, users can choose between different types of chucks, spring chucks, centering chucks and wedge tooth chucks

Figure 4 s-20 multi axis machining machine tool has 16 clamping stations and 26 tool

tool units. It is a turret fixture multi axis machine tool for strong cutting. Its good stability makes it very suitable for mass production and processing.

compared with other turret fixture machining machines, it does not need secondary clamping to complete the processing of workpiece in five directions on s-20 multi axis machining machine tool. In other words, the workpiece can be processed in five of the six directions of up, down, left, right, front and rear on the current clamping station of the workpiece. This can save the secondary or multiple clamping auxiliary time of the workpiece, and greatly improve the machining accuracy of the workpiece. After adding the process of changing clamping, we can complete all-round machining in six directions on the s-20 multi axis machining machine tool. Therefore, in mass production and processing, this multi axis machine tool is the best alternative to CNC machine tools. For a long time, it has been the "patent" of CNC machining center to complete the machining of workpiece in five directions in one clamping. This multi axis machining machine also has other advantages that CNC machine tools do not have: flexible s-20 multi axis CNC machining unit. (see Figure 4) with this flexible NC machining unit, the hole machining at the specified coordinate points can be completed according to the trajectory control mode, such as circular groove milling, plane milling, keyway milling, grooving and spiral trajectory control milling processes

The positioning of s-20 multi axis machine tool in turret fixture machine tool is based on its cutting performance, especially its milling performance, making it the top processing equipment in this kind of machine tool. High machining efficiency, accurate machining quality, improved tool durability, economic cutting speed and strong and stable machine tool guide rail all give strong support to the machining performance of the machine tool. Even when cutting raw materials that are difficult to be machined, it can be easily processed on the s-20 multi axis machining machine tool

future trends

eubama company showed the machine tool equipment that meets the flexibility and strong cutting processing scheme at the emo European machine tool exhibition in 2007, and has adjusted its business policy according to this new requirement. Cutting is the main application field of various multi axis machining machines developed and designed by eubama company

after taking over kneissller company in 1977, eubama company successfully launched two s-20 series innovative turret fixture multi axis machine tools for processing castings, forgings and cold extrusion parts on the basis of its Ke series machine tools. Moreover, their S-6 and S-8 rotary drum fixture multi axis machine tools are equipped with eye-catching workpiece loading and unloading machines

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