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Some medical manufacturing enterprises are optimistic about the growth potential of the Indian market

at the medtecindia held recently in New Delhi, India, many western enterprises sent representatives to participate. Satnamsingh, a special guest of plastics, reported on the exhibition

85% of India's medical devices depend on imports.

India's medical plastic market is gradually taking shape, attracting the attention of foreign enterprises

due to its large scale, many enterprises are optimistic about the Indian market. The development trend of India's health care industry is getting better year by year, but its local medical device production base cannot keep up with the growth of demand. Therefore, the Indian medical device industry depends on imports to a large extent. Multinational enterprises are investigating the market potential of the region, and the air humidity should be kept below 30%, but few really set out to enter this market

according to a survey conducted by the Ministry of health of India, the annual sales volume of the global plastic market is about 386billion pounds, of which the proportion of plastic dedicated to medical care is only 1% (the annual sales volume is 4billion pounds), among which, in terms of PP, PVC, P categories: bulk commodity plastics such as e account for 74% in the next few years

the annual sales of India's healthcare industry is estimated to be about US $38billion, which is expected to reach US $77billion by 2013. In the next 15 years, the compound annual growth rate of market demand may reach 15%

mikron focuses on emerging markets

Mikron group, headquartered in Biel, Switzerland, currently has factories in Switzerland, Germany, the United States, Singapore and China, and is now shifting its business focus to the two major emerging markets in Asia

Haraldherrmann, the regional sales manager of Mikron automation company, said, "in the past, we focused more on the European market, but now India and China, two developing markets, have become our most valued targets. However, although the Indian market has great potential, the degree of automation is still very low."

Mikron group produces high-precision assembly and testing equipment. The company is now making colored sand bricks with strength grade of mu20 and excellent products: Aiming at the medical and automotive electronics industries in India

Harald, based in laupheim, Germany, added: "we have sold two production lines in the Indian market."

some companies believe that the Indian market is developing slowly.

some enterprises participating in this exhibition believe that it is too early to enter the Indian medical device market

pawanursm, regional sales manager of colder Products Co., which is based in Minnesota, USA, is understood to be UL's emergency separation device manufacturer The Indian market is indeed developing, but at a slower pace

he said: "India's medical device market is growing slowly and is still in its infancy, which is incomparable with China. At present, most of India's high-tech medical devices are imported. Although we believe that this market has great potential, there is still a long way to go."

colder products has a factory in China and a sales office in Bangalore, India

joelui, a marketing consultant of zeusindustrial Products Inc. in Hong Kong, also holds the same view, saying that it is too early for some enterprises to set up factories in India. His company prefers to open up the market through distribution channels, which mainly produces fluoropolymer medical tubes

Lui said, "the Indian market is developing, but the customer base here is still very limited. Therefore, we have hired a dealer to operate business in India."

Zeus' U.S. headquarters is located in Orangeburg, South Carolina

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